Tony & Gill's Family Tree

We first dipped our collective toes in the family history research pool in about 1998. Before long we were hooked.


Since then we have gone from strength to strength, by which we mean we have amassed more and more data.


The last update to this site was in June 2021.


Much is gleaned from family members and relatives (however distant!) and painstaking research via specialist genealogy sites, with back up from census sites (often containing conflicting information!) and the odd birth, marriage and/or death certificate sourced from the General Register Office.


Where possible (and when we remember!) the source of the information is acknowledged. This may allow you to see your name in print and also allows me to point the finger if details are inaccurate!


We have no doubt that there are a lot of errors in this collection. Guesswork, supposition, flaws in our thinking and unexpected name changes are just a few of the things that contribute to a wrong turn or lead down a blind alley. Such details are here for you all to see.


We obviously want the information that is there to be as accurate as possible


AND (perhaps the more difficult bit)


We want the information that isn't there to be included.


Additions, corrections and challenges to the data or just general enquiries or a quick hello are all welcome.


If you think you can help, get in touch. Details are on the Contact tab


Happy Browsing




A quick look at Tony and Gill's ancestors are below. Otherwise, click on the Index Tab above for more individuals


NB. For individuals who are still with us or those that we consider "Private" all records have been marked accordingly ;


Click on the links below for details of 10 generations back from either Tony or Gill. Click on both if you are really interested.

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